Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye Christmas, Hello 2010...

I meant to post these pictures a few days ago but never got to doing it. Christmas is over, and there are only moment's left in 2009, so why not take a looksie at how my family "does" Christmas? We're an animated bunch, as you might be able to tell by the enthusiastic thumbs up pictures and festive holiday ensembles. There's even a little nod to Step Brothers (the movie) mixed within these picture...can you spot it???

Goodbye Christmas, you were fun and exhausting, and you gave me a sinus infection that was all together unpleasant, but I will miss you just the same...

Happy New Year Everyone, hoping this year goes my way, and yours :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas, Christmas time is here...

Who doesn't love this song? I used to be jealous of my cousin who had a kid's record player in a little suitcase type case and would always play the 45 of this song, throughout the yr...

*Note to self: Find one of these awesome little 45 players and get one for myself!

Anyway, Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

In Loving Memory...

Sometimes 'real life' gets a little too real, a little too soon. Who's to say what the right way to digest reality is, or how long it's supposed to take. It's funny how quickly the line can blur between reality and everything else. Anyway, take a look at this film my sister Alex made in her junior year as a film major, written and directed by her based on her own life events. She was brave enough to expose a snippet from her "real life" story and share a tiny piece of her heart with the world via this film. Make's me cry every time.

*In Loving Memory of Alexis Roxy DeSantis*

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS PILLOW! I have a big red chair in my living room that Ive been searching for the perfect, cutesy holiday pillow for, for the past month! And of course, TODAY, Christmas Eve Eve, I find it. Where were you all that time before, dear pillow? Why did you hide from me for so long??? Gah! It breaks my little heart to not have had this little beauty in time for my apartment's holiday makeover.

I love it SO much I just might buy it anyway and use it through the winter, so I can be sure to have it for next year :)

Anyway, check out this adorable pillow and more fun fabric wonders over at allisajacobs! Her Etsy shop is just too cute for words! I've developed a love of fun fabric that satisfies both a modern and whimsical aesthetic, which is exactly what you'll find over at allisajacobs!

I hope everyone is soaking up the last bit of time left in the holiday season and are all set for a wonderful Christmas Eve/Day! I always feel like this season comes and goes so fast. I try my best to enjoy it the entire time, I just never feel like I will ever have a tight enough grip on it! But alas, I will eat, drink and be merry, with the merriest of them, and enjoy every second of it!

Happy Holidays to you all!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We Are Santa's Elves...

We work hard all day.
But our work is play.
Dolls we try out,
See if they cry out,
We are Santa's Elves.
We've a special job each year,
We don't mean to brag.
On Christmas Eve we,
Always fill Santa's bag!

It is common practice in my house to break into this tune at any given time, in fact, it doesn't even need to be Christmas! There's just something about this little diddy that makes your day that much brighter. Lucky for me (and for you), I have plenty of little elves around to help me spread the Christmas cheer far and wide.

I hope you enjoy these festive pictures of the official A.N. Original Christmas Elves! One of them might have even had a hand in making one of your gifts this year :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

To Warm Your Hearts...

It's freezing here in Upstate NY, and up and down the East Coast you lovely people are digging yourselve's out from your most recent blizzard of mass proportions. So I thought, why not help warm your heart on this cold, cold first official day of Winter?

Jibberish has never sounded quite so sweet...Enjoy!

P.S. Stay tuned, I should have some extra time to catch up on the ol' blog-ski this week and next :)


Sunday, December 6, 2009

For The Girl Who Has Everything : SilhouetteBlue

I've been a bad blogger again! Orders and trunk shows have been keeping me VERY busy and I just haven't had the chance to sit down and blog! I actually have my last Holiday Trunk Show today at 4pm, so, wish me luck!

Anyway,I thought today I'd share with you one of m favorite Etsy paper artists, SilhouetteBlue. Megan, the woman behind SilhouetteBlue has an eye for color and simplistic silhouetted designs that are both modern and retro at the same time. It's this mix of styles and gorgeous selection of colors, that keeps me going back to SilhouetteBlue!

We all have people in our lives that are difficult to shop for around the holidays, the perpetual girl who has everything. Well, in my experience, personalized unique stationary is a perfect go-to! Last Christmas I purchased personalized stationary sets from SilhouetteBlue for both my sister and mother and they loved them! I even got a couple sets for myself because I just can't pass it up! A set of personalized stationary cards runs $25.00, and let me tell you, it's $25 well worth it! The cards are just beautiful and even coe in their own darling gift box, tha I thought was a really nice touch. They are elegant, fun and unique all at once! My Mom and sister loved their stationary, and I loved supporting a fellow Etsy artist! I whole heartedly recommend any of SilhouetteBlue's products, however, I think the personalized stationary is just THE PERFECT gift around this time of year. Personalized is always a great way to show you thought about the giftee more than just walking down and isle and grabbing something random off a shelf , *hoping* they will like it.

Alrighty, I must go prepare for my trunk show! Make sure to check out SilhouetteBlue's shop, and tell her I sent ya! :) Also, the items to the left are all designs that are my personal favorites, most of which I've purchased, but there is TONS more to see at SilhouetteBlue :)

Happy Shopping Blog Buddies!