Monday, January 3, 2011

Great Grandmother's Spatula! It's already 2011!

Whoa! Happy New Year All! I haven't blogged in ages, yikes! I'm a hot mess ya'll :) STill recovering from the most insane November/December of my life thus far! I know, I know, I've never been quite so M.I.A. as I have been as of late, but this Horse Feathers video is absolute magic and I needed to share with you all :)

Thanks to everyone for giving me the most successful holiday season I've seen with my little business yet! It's so exciting (and sometimes scary and overwhelming) to see this little Etsy thang grow like it has.

In a short time I will have some big news to share, well actually, a couple pieces of big news to share :) So please check back, as inconsistent as my blogging has become, it is my goal to get back on the vblog wagon...and I know...I've said that before...hang in there :)

Photo: A quick snapshot I took on the icy dock of my parents lovely summer home in Lake George, NY. They just moved to a new spot on the lake which is just a stones throw from the house I was brought home to as a newborn :) Anyway, took this picture with my Canon 5D Mark II and I'm really loving it!