Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Puppies, Coccidia and Vet's, Oh My!

The past 4 days or so have been quite the roller coaster! I am dealing with a sick baby dachshund with Coccidia, yuck! This is like having an infant! I am exhausted!

My little puppy Abby began getting sick on Friday, and on Saturday I had to bring her to the Animal Hospital ER, where we were able to rule out Parvo but she had to stay overnight to get IV's of fluids and medications. When I picked her up on Sunday she was still sick, but hydrated enough to go home. By Monday she was dehydrated again and had to be whisked away to the vet where she was given 3 syringes of fluids and a couple of shots. Poor baby, she was NOT happy about that! Today, Abby seems to be doing much better but she goes up and down quickly. She only weighs 4lbs now, which is 8oz less than she weighed on Friday, so I'm keeping a close eye on her. Maybe once all this puppy drama is over I can get back to working on new jewelry and blogging and all that!

In spite of her wavering health, Abby cooperated for some Valentines Day pictures, and so did her sister, Mel :) Awww they're cute!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Her Name Is ABBY!!!

YAY! I finally picked a name! Only took 5 days :) She's the cutest! Awwww :)

And in celebration of the little pupster, here is my fave song off of Abbey Road :) HERE COMES THE SUN!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Heartless. But not Kanye.

I posted this video over on my other blog for Sara-Tone-In Records, but I realize that not too many people have found their way over there yet so I just had to post it again on this blog. Why you ask? Because it must be seen/heard! A spine tingling cover of Kanye West's song, "Heartless", but completely reinvented! Another amazing contribution to the world of art/music, but Chelsea Wilde aka 1/2 of Minor Birds. Don't skip over this, you're only cheating yourself!

PS: Please follow my other blog, it shall be a music/art based blog :) Sara-Tone-In Records BLOG

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I got a puppy! I shall call her...

...I have no idea! I am totally stuck when it comes to naming this little chicken nugget! She's miniature dachshund, just like my other pup Mel, only she is a dark/dirty red color and I believe she will be a little smaller than my Mel.

This puppy is SO adorable! She has quite the stock pile of personality and is already coming out of her shell. In fact she is gnawing on my hand as I attempt to type this, and barking at her toys next to her. She's ready to play! Actually, she's currently bouncing off the walls. I think I'm in for quite a rambunctious puppyhood with this little one!

The little one is one serious cuddle bug, she refuses to sleep in her kennel, loves to sleep inside my hoodie, loves toys that are bigger than her and loves to harass Mel. Mel is slowly getting used to the new puppy, but I think it will be a little while before the chip on her shoulder becomes less visible.

Anyway, I just can't seem to find a name that flows easily and fits her. I need your help to come up with a name STAT! This poor puppy child has been nameless for too long!

Here's what we've been throwing around so far: Mollie, Celine, Phoebe, Dora, Joey, Piper, Delilah (Lilah)...

What do you guys think? Suggestions/opinions are welcome and encouraged!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Where have I been?! Starting a RECORD LABEL!

I am a blog neglector, it's official, but I promise I was for good reason!

After years and years of dreaming of starting my own record label, I've finally decided to take the plunge and have whole heartedly jumped head first into this endeavor. Yikes! Am I a crazy person? Maybe! But then again, I've never taken much issue with people calling me crazy :) Oh yes, and I have officially picked a name: Sara-Tone-In Records!

Right now, I'm moving full speed ahead and running on very little sleep and even less common sense (who needs it anyway!?). This once, rather than stewing over decisions and worrying endlessly, I am relying on raw passion and belief in a dream to fuel my fire. I am spending all my extra time establishing the label legitimately, working on my branding, and developing and working with my first artist, Pillowhead! It's an extremely exciting time for me, and equally scary, but for now we're gonna just focus on the excitement of it all and roll with the positive energy :)

For those who are curious, I will still be continuing with my jewelry, and my photography, so this will be a juggling act. The more I type, the more I'm realizing just how crazy I really am sounding here... oh well, a little crazy never hurt anyone...much :)

So, anyway, as my lovely loyal blog followers, I invite you to come on over to my Sara-Tone-In Records blog, and follow me on this journey I am embarking on! I will do my very best to be entertaining and will be sharing a lot of music with you all (like I didn't do that here already, right?) as well as the inevitable ups and downs of starting a new business in uncharted territory. I would very much appreciate the support, so come on kiddies, follow me into the darkness, or the light, depending on the day...

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