Friday, February 24, 2012 was not for me :( MASSIVE Overstock SALE! Up to 50% OFF!

Hey all you crazy kids! Good news for you! I'm having a huge sale on some of my best sellers. How big you ask? UP TO 50% off! Thats insane and I NEVER EVER do discounts like that but I am making an exception, and here's why....

After taking a chance on participating on, I agree'd to a committing a LARGE number of items to a sale with that site. Unfortunately for me, lady luck was not on my side and I am left with a whole lotta stock on some of my best selling pieces. SO rather than moving them over time, I'm wanting to move em' outta here as quickly as possible so I can move on to new designs.

So, thats where you come in. My misfortune is your awesome luck! I will never discount this far again, as silver prices are astronomical and a lot of work goes into each piece. SO, get em while ya can!

If you have a blog, I would be OVERWHELMINGLY appreciative if you could cross post this on you blog to help me move these items ASAP. The last thing I want to do is have to close down my business, which after a big disaster like this, is a real fear of mine. I'm determined however, to get through these tough times and offer a great deal to my awesome customers.

Thanks in advance to any of you lovelies who opt to pass along word of this sale :)

(all items pictured are INCLUDED in the sale!)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

An Ashley Nizolek Photography Production...

So as many of you know, I have a deep passion for photography and spend a lot of my time on it. It has also translated into a new love for video editing and art directing of motion pictures. Here's a quick video I shot, edited and designed. Very simple but thats what I wanted. It was shot in HD so I guess you cant get the full effect with the low def quality of the youtube version.Otherwise, I'm super happy with it, and excited to make another ASAP so that I can get into more detail and combine tons of shots and cutaways and play beats in the transitions. For now this was just something fun and pretty to shoot. This is my roommate, performing a song he wrote acoustically a few nights ago :)

If you like the song, go check out Colin's band and "Like" then on Facebook! This Renaissance