Friday, February 24, 2012 was not for me :( MASSIVE Overstock SALE! Up to 50% OFF!

Hey all you crazy kids! Good news for you! I'm having a huge sale on some of my best sellers. How big you ask? UP TO 50% off! Thats insane and I NEVER EVER do discounts like that but I am making an exception, and here's why....

After taking a chance on participating on, I agree'd to a committing a LARGE number of items to a sale with that site. Unfortunately for me, lady luck was not on my side and I am left with a whole lotta stock on some of my best selling pieces. SO rather than moving them over time, I'm wanting to move em' outta here as quickly as possible so I can move on to new designs.

So, thats where you come in. My misfortune is your awesome luck! I will never discount this far again, as silver prices are astronomical and a lot of work goes into each piece. SO, get em while ya can!

If you have a blog, I would be OVERWHELMINGLY appreciative if you could cross post this on you blog to help me move these items ASAP. The last thing I want to do is have to close down my business, which after a big disaster like this, is a real fear of mine. I'm determined however, to get through these tough times and offer a great deal to my awesome customers.

Thanks in advance to any of you lovelies who opt to pass along word of this sale :)

(all items pictured are INCLUDED in the sale!)