Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Help get Jes Hudak on LILITH FAIR! Please VOTE!

Remember my friend Jes Hudak? I've introduced you to her and her music a number of times via this blog. Now, I am here asking you to pitch in and help Jes get a spot on the upcoming Lilith Fair Tour!

All you have to do is listen and vote on, you can sign in with your Facebook info OR just quickly sign up with OurStage. I know it's a pain to have to sign up for things but I'm asking you this ONE TIME to overlook that and help Jes out, since you know, it's just her future we're talking about here! SHe needs to get into the Top 10, right now she's at 15! Woohoo! So close!

Here's how it works: is an awesome website that allows fans to decide what makes it to the top of the charts. You can set up a profile or use facebook to login and start judging right away! Head to the following link to enter the judges chambers, and all you have to do to help out is vote "National Holiday" #1 when it comes up in the judging. CLICK HERE TO START VOTING!

So come on guys, be a pal and vote for my girl Jes! The website is kind of a pain it might take your through a couple other artists as well as Jes, but PLEASE hang in there and get that vote in :) Your efforts will be VERY VERY VERY much appreciated!