Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Song Lyrics & Opinions FROM YOU!

WANTED: Awesome song lyrics to immortalize in METAL

(Well until it's melted down and turned into dental fillings...)

Whilst I love making cute little Dinosaur and Camera silhouettes for the (semi)masses, I need to diversify and challenge myself to keep myself engaged in my work. Plus, if I don't change things up once in a while I fear my brain might liquify and drip out of my ears. Too much information? Perhaps. But, it had to be said.

So, I come to you asking for your opinions. What is your favorite ONE LINE (maybe 2 if theyre fairly short) song lyric? Maybe you have a few? Maybe you'd like to share them with me ? :)

Don't forget to include song title and Artist :) And no worries, so long as you don't choose a Miley Cyrus or Madonna lyric this is totally nonjudgemental...

Crowd participation is encouraged. Help me pool together the most excellent of song lyrics and help make the world a better place :)


ThingsEndHappily said...

When I'm looking for great song lyrics, I seek out something by Death Cab for Cutie.

"I do believe it's true that there are roads left in both of our shoes" from Soul Meets Body is one of my favorites.


david said...

"Angels are dreaming of you"

Sonic Youth - 'Cotton Crown'

Margosoriginals said...

"Show Love With No Remorse, and Climb Onto Your Seahorse." -Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Lizzie Sorensen said...

"out of all these kinds of people- you've got a face with a view" - Talking Heads

Night Owl Craftworks said...

"brass monkey, that funky monkey"

Brass Monkey- Beastie Boys

Amanda said...

my favourites by Neil Young:

"I can see into the future but it may be a mirage."
(Prairie Winds)

"he came dancing across the water"
"hate was just a legend"
(Cortez the Killer)

"tonight's the night"
"his life was in his hands"
(Tonight's the Night)

Anonymous said...

I personally like the beginning of Angel Eyes, by the Jeff Healey Band-

"Girl, you're looking fine tonight..."

Melissa said...

I really love the song Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Favorite line is: "Home is wherever I'm with you."

Paramore Lyrics said...

I always think paramore have good lyrics which are inspiring and seem to help a lot of people through issues in their lives

Molly said...

Shake it like jello, make the boys say hello, cause you know I'm rocking the beat, I know you heard about a lot of great Emcees but they ain't got nothing on me, cause I'm 5 foot 2, I wanna dance with you and I'm sophisticated fun, I eat filet mignon, and I'm nice and young, best believe I'm number 1.

When my bestie and I are together, we almost always sing just that one phrase from One Two Step at least once during the night. It's kind of our bit for the last 4 years...lol