Thursday, May 27, 2010

Snapshot of the Day: The Mill Rock Kids

Sometimes going to a really funky townie bar is just what you need to unwind. This place was way out of the way, and it was every bit the bar you'd expect it to for being at the end of a really dark road in the woods.

When I asked for a Heineken Light, I got the deer in headlights look. Which was followed by..." Uhhh I think I saw some way in the back of the fridge?". The lovely lady bartender then disappeared for what seemed like 45mins, and came back with a Heineken Light, which was a year old, no doubt. Skunky beer only added to the ambiance of the night though.

We're fun people. We can go anywhere. We have photographic evidence.


Steph said...

nights like that are sometimes the best nights ever!!!!