Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Concerts: First up, Kings of Leon

Back again. I'm the queen of inconsistent blogging :)

Anyway, last night I went to a Kings of Leon concert in Saratoga. Good times with friends and good tunes. I must admit though, I was pretty distracted by the fact that I have to pee about 2 mins into the show. Why did I drink so much beer before hand? Silly silly girl.

Unfortunately, my dudes in Kings of Leon didn't play either of the song's I was really looking forward to them playing, but I will forgive them for that. Maybe.

One of those songs I was looking to hear is called "Manhattan", and I've been listening to it a lot lately since I've been going through a bout of homesickness for my former home in NYC. Gahhhhh, why didn't you guys play it? What, you don't take singular requests from a crowd of 25,000 people? Well, thats just ridiculous!

On a more positive note, Caleb's (the lead singer) voice was on point and Nathan (the drummer) and the husband of the one and only Jessie Baylin, was a joy to watch. I wish I could play drums and blow superb bubble gum bubbles at once as Nathan has seemed to master. And, you know, these boy's aren't bad to look at. Riiighhhhttt? Good lookin' family...

So now, I'll leave you with a pretty picture and a song. This is "Manhattan" by Kings of Leon. Thanks for the show boys!


Jaime said...

I saw them in concert last summer - we lucked out and got free box seat tickets. They were AWESOME! Really clear, crisp sounding.


love KOL! the jewelry on here is also fab and super cute. come follow me xo