Sunday, June 13, 2010

That was the life.

My 18 year old brother had a revelation this morning when I went over to my parents house for a little visit. I've pretty much been laughing at it since it came out of his mouth.

"If I could go back to any point in my life it'd definitely be when I was 4yrs old. Think about it. Grilled Cheese and Chocolate Milk. Imaginary Friends. Gushers. That was the life. - Cody

And, a little background on this picture...Cody was the Evil Kinevil kid who has had 11 sets of stitches. Roughly 3/4 of said sets of stitches occurred by the time he was like 7 years old. This picture, (which just happens to be him, post stitches and totally jubilant ) perfectly illustrates him, even now, as an 18 year old man-boy.