Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Life in 1970 vs. 2010

My, my, what 40 years can do to a culture! What is it about great retro pictures that make it seem like life was just so much more fun and colorful decades ago? Don't get me wrong, 2010 is cool and all, but theres a certain charm from days gone by that unfortunately isn't a present in the modern day world as I wish it were.

This is a photo of some of my family, circa 1969/1970ish, and the little doll in the mod flower dress is my Mom! How cute was she as a munchkin??? She's not actually itching her head, or thinking hard, but she is saluting. In fact she is doing the "Woofum Poofum" salute. What is that you ask? Well, the short answer to that is, I have no friggin' clue! It seems to be some sort of family thing since most of my Mom's generation knows what it is, but I'm still in the dark about it. Either way, it's just as awesome.

Mom, you should have been a child model. :)


PonderandStitch said...

Omg, she is ADORABLE!