Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fun with Washable Markers

I was just flipping through some pictures on my parents computer that I took a couple years ago and came across one of my very favorite pictures from Summer 2006, and wanted to share!.

This shot is of my cousin Clarkie after his first ink session...

A summer at Lake George is heaven, but after a while going to the beach daily is lack luster for little kids with short attention spans. During my summer of nannying for my cousins, we had to think of fun new ways to distract 6 little kids for 8 hours of the day... and this is what we came up with, haha.

The kids loved it, and I laughed the whole time at how concentrated they were while giving each other (and us) tattoo's. No worries Moms, they were non-toxic washable markers. Although, I think Clarkie might have considered making it permanent if he had the option.

I miss those days :)


ArtTales said...

nice tat ;) he looks hardcore

PonderandStitch said...

haha...awwww, so cute!!! He looks so proud of it, lol.

Joann Temple said...

Awww, what an adorable picture.