Thursday, October 15, 2009

Autumn Photoshoot: Meet The Poiriers

This past weekend, I spent some time shooting family portraits for my lovely neighbors, The Poiriers, all around Saratoga Springs. We had a lot of fun and I'm really happy with the images that came out of the session!

It was FREEZING and pretty blustery but we managed! Mama Poirier was a trooper despite her belly full o' baby! I've never seen such a super pregnant woman move around so easily! She will be welcoming baby #2 on October 30th, so we got these pictures just in time. I can't wait to take some newborn shots for them when the little chicken nugget arrives!

Mama and Papa Poiriers little girl, Emma, has such a magnetic smile! She wasn't so into the whole picture thing for the most part, but who could blame her when there are so many more interesting things for a 2 yr old to do! Luckily, we got some giggles and smiles out of her and I managed to capture some on film!

Anyway, on to the pictures! Enjoy!