Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Love Letter To Etsy: Thank You for Storque-ing me

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder." -Thomas Haynes Bayley

Dear Etsy, it's clear to me now that you really love me! Sometimes you ignore me, and try to make me jealous by paying attention to everyone else, but now I know it's because you really have a big crush on me! All those times you refused to put me in the Gift Guides, and all of the times you passed me over for Front Page selections, you just didn't know how to express your feelings! I'm so glad that youve been able to find the words to tell me how you feel. Thank you for putting me in a crazy cool Spotlight article in "The Storque", it really shows me how much you care. But please, don't ever cheat on me, because you know I'll find out! Etsy...I love you too. Love, Ashley :)

On a more serious note, thank you Etsy for showing me so much love and including me in your extra super cool "Alice In Wonderland" based Storque article, "Camera Obscura: Jan Svankmajer's Alice in Wonderland"! I'm so excited to see my teapot necklace included in such a fun and stylized article! I am so lucky to be included and am beyond stoked! Here's hoping that our relationship continues to move forward on this road of mutual love and respect :)

Please take a minute to check out the Spolight article in The Storque, inspired by Jan Svankmajer's "Alice" and watch his video, as well as check out all the Alice inspired selections chosen by Etsy! Well, what are you waiting for! Check it out!


Anonymous said...

congrats!!!! That's soooo great!!!!

KatieEatsCake said...

that is so awesome. what a cool collection to be included in! alice in wonderland is one of my favorite books. your necklace is great. it deserves the attention!

~Katie Eats Cake

Kat said...

Color me super jealous! I've been trying to get noticed by Etsy for years now!!


Angie said...

Congrats! That is awesome!

(I don't know if a bear would even want to eat a dog when there's so much yummy garbage around...just to ease your thoughts :)

RockLove said...

That's awesome lady! And the colors of your photo fit perfectly along with the teapot mad-hatter Alice theme! Be sure to include Alice in your keywords... with the new Burton movie coming out, it's sure to be Wonderland FEVER!