Saturday, September 4, 2010

Elliott Smith : Waltz #2

I could listen to Waltz #2 endlessly, I really could, it's that good. Elliott Smith was a genius, it's always such a shame to see a life cut short that created art that was so impactful on YOUR life. It saddens me to think not that many people seem to know Elliott Smith's music, so this is my contribution to the world. Small yet poignant. This is a live acoustic performance of "Waltz #2" in a very intimate setting. While it's raw and imperfect, the emotion and vulnerability Elliott Smith gives off is hypnotizing and magnetic. Please take a listen, with your ears, and your heart. You will thank me later.


Little Gray Pixel said...

This is my favorite Elliott Smith song!

Christy J said...

Definitely one of the greats. I found his music during my high school years, and it was definitely what I needed at the time.

This coming from a girl with an Elliott Smith tattoo :-)

Anonymous said...

Message from France..
Elliot stay always in my mind and my earth..

thx !


Anonymous said...

How do you convey this infinite sweetness! Really was an angel, so he's gone from this earth so soon!