Friday, May 7, 2010

Anchors, Whales, GSD's & Dino's! YIPPIE!

Good news blog buddies! I found some time in my busy schedule to work on some new cuties for my Etsy Shop! YAY! Let's all jump for joy! I had a lot of fun with this round of new designs, I'm especially excited about the little Dinosaur. Is he not the cutest thing EVER? Let's name him! Please leave suggestions below :)

In other news, today I'm heading off to the Boston area to attend a lovely Gem Show and then continue on to see my little sister, Alex, who is about to graduate from college! Yikes! The time really does fly by! So, I'm headed out there to help her with round #1 of moving some of her belongings back home. Should be quite the task because my sister has a shopping problem...

I love you Al, but I'm just sayin' need help :)

I'll be sure to take some pictures while I'm wandering the Gem Show and then fiddling around in Beverly MA to share on this here blogski :)

WHile I'm gone, make sure you check out all the fun NEW GOODIES in my Etsy Shop! Pass it along to your friends :)


redchuckstress said...

Awesome jewelry! I love the dinosaur!