Monday, April 5, 2010

Yes, I'm Alive!

It's true! I'm alive! Phew! I bet a lot of you are very relieved to hear that :)

So yeah, wow, a whole month without blogging, what's the deal with that? I've been a bad blogger, but I promise to whip myself back into shape! Promise, promise, promise!

Anyway, I'm loving the sunny Spring transition right now! Here in Upstate NY it Spring is usually pretty non-existent but this yr I think were going to have a pretty solid Spring season instead of jumping from Winter to Summer, which is good because Spring is fun, and happy and looks pretty too! I'm itching to start taking pictures of everything blooming, we've got buds but nothing is in full bloom yet. I guess I'll have to be patient.

Hmmmm, what else can I update you on? Oh yeah! We found a Mama Mouse with 5 (or 6?) lil baby Mice in my studio the other I'm petrified to go in there and work. They're cute and all but I'm a little paranoid one is going to crawl up my leg while I'm working. Also, my whole family was home to enjoy a relaxing Easter Sunday, always a good thing. My Miniature Dachshund Mel came a little over dressed to the event but as most of you already know, Mel is kind of a big deal, and she knows it. She really loved this dress.No, really, I'm not joking at all, she REALLY loved this dress, she walked around in it like she was hot stuff, lots of booty shaking and sexy poses. I think she most enjoyed the full bodied skirt and light weight material. SHe didn't wanna take it off! Crazy little chicken nugget, that little Melvin!

Alright, time to brave the studio and hope I don't get attacked by these tiny baby mice! Hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful holiday weekend!


SewSweetStitches said...

Glad you're back!

PonderandStitch said...

Yay!! Was wondering where you were. :) Vemelope looks awesome in that dress, lol..

Jennifer said...

I have not had mice in my work space but this morning I had two wasps in my car!!! My car is red and they think it is a big flower and we are way into spring here and all of the bugs have come out of hiding!

Jennifer said...

Good Morning! I have awarded you a Sunshine Award!

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msbelle said...

OMG, how cute!! He's absolutely precious!!! But don't give him the idea that he can get away with wearing something like this on a daily basis!! He might end up a closet cross-dresser!

The Artist Behind A.N. Original Jewelry said...

No worries, Mel's a girl :)