Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving and A Cheeky Etsy Christmas

I know, I know, today is Thanksgiving and all I have on my brain is Christmas! Thanksgiving is nice and all but for me all it really end up being is a time marker before Christmas. Sorry ancestors, I know I should be more into this whole thing, but alas, the allure of red, green, gold, silver, Santa and reindeer is just far more appealing!

*Fun Thanksgiving Fact: One of my direct ancestors came to America on the first Voyage of The Mayflower. I'm super, extra American! This means none of the food I eat today contains calories! Yay!

Anyway, back to Christmas...

Last year I was in such a frenzy getting all my holiday orders out I had little time to stop and smell the Eggnog ( actually, I've never tried Eggnog and probably never will). I only recently was able to browse Etsy a little for fun gifts and you know Etsy never has a shortage of fun, unique and quirky gifts for some of your especially strange loved ones!

I always find a whole buncha stuff that is adorable but not really anyone to gift it to. So, I will show you what has caught my eye and maybe YOU will have someone thats perfect for it! I mean I was thinking about getting my Dad these adorable glasses with the pink heart decal on them but he already bought them for himself! Jeez Dad!

Anyway, here are my finds!

1. Nerdy Heart Glasses by Steppie : If these aren't the cutest thing in the world I don't know what is!

2. Custom Vintage Image of Your Pet by HotDigitalDog : This is hysterical, I need one for every dog I've ever owned!

3. William Shakespeare Shower Curtain by Custom Shower Curtains : I laughed out loud when I found this!

4. "Thats What She Said" Print by RighteousLens : Ummm, I LOVE "The Office", need I say more?



Kelley said...

"I'm super, extra American! This means none of the food I eat today contains calories!"

Aw man, I'm so jealous! One of my ancestors fought in the civil war - do my calories at least get halved or something?

Lrc said...

um well so am I! so my calories don't count either! Apparently there was a Lord Craven that came across from England with the Mayflower...we think he's related.