Saturday, September 12, 2009

Window Shopping Breaks the Heart...

Today I've had an insatiable urge to buy a bunch of stuff that I don't need at all. Could be the rainy weather that is bringing this on, but I can't be totally sure about that since this is a problem I often grapple with. In fact, I have a shopping basket filled with over $300 worth of makeup and brushes that I really don't need at all, waiting for me over on! To purchase or not to purchase, that is the question! It's all just a couple clicks away...tempting!

With a business to run and a mass of bills to pay, I don't have the extra cash laying around to splurge right now but it hasn't stopped me from window shopping all day long online. This of course is only making my urge to spend go into overdrive. Why do I do this to myself?

Right about now I would kill for this Chloe bag! Way, way, way out of my price range at steep $1,670.oo, but a girl can dream! And the shoes, by Nina , are calling my name, but I haven't a clue why since I have absolutely nowhere to wear such over the top shoes. At $99.95, the shoes are a little more in my price range. Frivolous? Yes. But thats the best thing about shoes, they are almost always a frivolous splurge. I have an extensive shoe collection in which MOST of them have never been worn, I love them so much I'm afraid to wear them and ruin them! If I know I love the shoe and want to wear it right away, I buy two of the same pair to be safe. Is that weird? In my mind I see nothing wrong with having a shoe museum in my certainly cheers me up on rainy days like these :)