Sunday, September 27, 2009

Design Envy: Time for a Bedroom Re-Vamp

Yesterday I toured the Saratoga Springs Parade of Homes with my Mom. I had never been on one of these things before so I wasnt expecting much going into it but I was in for a pleasant surprise! On The Parade of Homes, you tour model homes which are typically decorated to the nines, in unique color schemes, over the top accents, and decor one might typically be too afraid to try in their own home. That said, the decor is the COOLEST part about all of it. Sure, some of it is just too over the time, too many faux finishes, murals etc, BUT there are some awesome introductions to color schemes and motifs you might not have previously considered for your own home.

My personal favorite aspect of the tour was getting to walk into these decked out designer rooms and taking note of the initial feeling I got when I walked in. I was amazed at my reactions to some of the rooms because in my mind, the decor or color schemes werent something I'd go for if we were just chatting about preferences, but being able to step into the room physically, without the mind full of hypotheticals, can really change ones mind about their own "personal style".

Right now, I live in an apartment, a very nice apartment but alas, just an apartment. The Parade of Homes gave me home owners envy big time! I will be so excited when the day comes that I can really put everything I have into decorating my home, rather than decorating an apartment that you have few options with and know is going to have to be reverted back to its original state when you move out. Anyway, while home ownership is probably not in my near future, I've decided that I'm going to re-decorate my bedroom and change the color scheme a bit to mimic one of my favorite rooms I saw during the tour. I will be going from a red and green themed room to a room filled with serene blues, black, vintage patina metals and maybe a pop of red here or there. I just wish I could put rich, dark, wide planked wood floors in, I guess that'll just have to wait though and settle for my ugly apartment style carpet :)

The above picture is a little inspiration board I've done for myself. I'm dieing for all of these items! This process might take longer than I'd like it to since I'm going to need to aquire items slowly as not to drain my bank account :)

Clockwise from top left...
1. Pottery Barn Duvet Cover, love love the pattern and shade of blue!
2. Pottery Barn Vintage Inspired Wood "Rare Prints" Sign, it's huge, and I love HUGE art!
3. 2 Dorit Candle Holders in 12K White Gold Leafing, so gorgeous and unique! (ETSY Artist!)
4. Bella Lumina Teardrop Table Lamps, by Pablo Pardo, LOVE THEM! So graceful!
5. Dachshund Wine Co. Vintage Style Print, I have a dachshund, this is perfect! (ETSY Artist!)

P.S. Stay tuned guys! I will be blogging about how to throw your own home trunk show in a way that sets you apart from the pack!


Kelley said...

Oooh, this reminds me of how, as a little girl, my friends and I used to visit model homes and play house in them. I also remember the over-the-top accents, like giant African masks on the walls and stuff. But they were so much fun!

And I know exactly how you feel about living in an apartment. It definitely puts a damper on the home decor department, when you don't want to put holes in the walls or paint anything.

Beautiful blog! I really love your Etsy shop.

PonderandStitch said...

This sounds like SO much fun!! I love touring model homes. Yes, some of it is sometimes a bit too cheesy, but there are a lot of great ideas. Oh my gosh, when I was nine months pregnant I was bored and went walking through model homes for fun. I tripped on a stoop in front of one of them and fell down hard and skinned both my knees and was bleeding..I was so round and wobbly that I couldn't get up!! One of the people who worked there had to come out and help me up. EMBARRASSING!!!