Saturday, August 1, 2009

Delicious Website Re-vamp! I love you Nest In Bloom!!!

Big news kiddies! My website has gotten a full overhaul, thanks to my good buddy Samantha aka Nest In Bloom! Words cannot even express how excited I really am about this! I've had my own site for about 3 years now and it's taken me 3 years and a few designers to get here. I can honestly say, Samantha is THE best graphic designer/artist extraodinaire I have ever had the pleasure of working with! Not only did she actually listen to what I wanted, but brought her own ideas to the table and provided the darling little accents and details to the site that really brought it to a new level! My website went from being Bette Davis to being Marilyn Monroe in a matter of days! Yay! It never hurts to be easy on the eyes :)

If you've been following my website for a while you might notice a couple big changes! The most noticeable is probably the addition of a new beautiful face to the site! I'd like to introduce you to the gorgeously exotic natural beauty that is Ms. McKenzie Burke. She's been a friend of mine for years and does a fabulous job showing off that Turquoise and Gold Akoya Pearl Necklace! Oh yes, and my Sterling Silver Glimmer Hoops as well! Hope ya like the look of her mug (I know I do!) because you might be seeing a lot of it in the future :)

The second of the big changes is that I've decided to fully redirect my Shop on my website to my Etsy shop. I spent ages agonizing over the decision to do this and in the end, Etsy won. Etsy has been very good to me, and I love the shop setup over there so, it is now serving not only my Etsy customers but my site customers too. Etsy, you can thank me later for this with a Front Page or two :)

Make sure to look through all the pages of the site so you don't miss all the fun new details Sam has added! Love, love, love, love, love it! 


Anonymous said...

The new site looks amazing!

Samantha said...

You made my day with this post. Can I quote you in the future? <3

Psst. I also designed this blog. Hit me up on my blog at *tooting own horn*