Thursday, July 9, 2009

World, Meet RockLove...

I think it's time for all of you lovely people to meet my good buddy, RockLove, also known as Allison! She's talented, she's genius, she's makin' big moves, and, did I mention she's a total vamp? No doubt about it, Allison Hourcade of RockLove is the total package and then some! Her jewelry is edgy, unique and highly stylized and she herself, bleeds with alternative scene style that I could only hope to one day be cool enough to pull off (all jewelry in these photo's is RockLove, by the way!).

  RockLove Jewelry is hand carved and cast in NYC by the original RockLove herself, Allison. Her carving skills are thanks to a combination of her natural artistic ability and an old world apprenticeship she was lucky enough to experience in Italy. Beyond her artistic talent though, Allison is truly one of the most driven entrepreneur I know! With a steadily growing roster of celebrity clients, invites to some of the most sought after vending opportunities and a growing fan base of her own, she is seemingly unstoppable! Her hustle, determination and her unique sense of design have allowed her business to steadily climb the ladder of success! At this point, it never seems like Allison is in one place for too long. She's flying from east coast to west coast and back to vend at special events and festivals like Ink N' Iron, teaming up with the brains behind Repo! The Genetic Rock Opera and designing a limited edition scalpel necklace for Repo! fans, and she will soon have the pleasure of vending at the SWAG/Gifting Suite at the Teen Choice Awards. If this girl isn't headed to the top, I don't know who is! She is a true testament to hard work and dedication, proving that the little guys CAN make it to the top, and on their own terms! 

But beyond all of her gorgeous jewelry, her sick talent, her impeccable business sense and her seemingly never ending triumphs of the indie design world, Allison is a sweetie with a big heart who is always eager to help out her friends. To me, thats the best part about her! Well, aside from her amazing work! Take some time to get to know Allison and RoveLove Jewelry at her ETSY Shop, her Official Site or her Blog! Oh, and tell her Ashley sent you :)


Samantha said...

Wow. I am impressed. I am looking into starting some metalwork designs. I have only just started stamping jewelry which is so.. amateur but still a blast. Also, it was quite an investment! You two make me feel so insignificant! lol

I wonder how one gets determined. Maybe my fear holds me back? Lame. I was doing well when I was focusing more on my custom scarves with vintage brooches adorning them, and vintage watch bracelets. But that is only basically working with someone else's (vintage) item.

My absolute dream is to have my own studio/boutique. My husband is the artist with the actual degree in art, and we make a fine duo in the studio :)


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Sorry about the deleted posts lol

SewSweetStitches said...

Wow! SHe's gorgeous, her jewelry is gorgeous, I'm heading to her shop right now! Oh yeah, and never eating again.. lol

That girl said...

Allison is one of my favorite people of all time. On top of all the awesomeness you already mentioned, the girl bellydances, spins fire, and plays the violin like a pro! she is the awesomest.