Sunday, July 5, 2009

Horse Feathers and Lemonade

"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. " ~Berthold Auerbach

Just when I thought modern day music was going down the toilet, an Etsy friend of mine (who's Etsy shop filled with lovelies and photography can be found here) introduced me to what has fast become one of my favorite bands. The band is called Horse Feathers, but don't be distracted by the quirky name, they aren't to be lumped into the emo-crap bands who hide behind strange names to look more off beat and hip. Horse Feathers is good, clean, salt of the earth kind of music. Unapologetically making use of  instruments like banjo's  and mandolin's in such a non stereotypical way that it really impressed me right off the bat. Whoever is the pianist of the group, really needs a round of applause as well. They are  what I like to call indie acoustic folk, but really, their music needs no label, as it speaks for itself.

 Their album, "Words Are Dead" has been occupying my iPod and my headspace for a solid week now and I've felt more creative than ever. There's nothing like finding an album, or a band, that really puts your soul in a place of clarity. For me, this is a big deal, as I am not particularly very easily inspired. Check out the tracks "Falling Through The Roof" and "Dust Bowl", two of my personal favorites, for some goose bump inducing discoveries.

 Their sound is much like Sufjan Steven's, Zero 7 and Iron & Wine, but not without it's own unique attributes. I'm so excited to have new music I could just do a cartwheel! Or...maybe that wouldn't be such a great idea, ya know, for my own safety... I can't think of a better summer sunday afternoon than laying in the sun, with some lemonade (maybe spiked?) listening to my new best friends, Horse Feathers.