Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Etsy-Chic Decor : A Study in Black and White

Theres nothing like having a vision of what you want an empty room to look like in the future and then seeing the *pretty much, kinda sorta, but will never really be "finished"* finished product! When I first moved into my new apartment I knew I wanted my spare bedroom, which does double duty as a guest room and office, to have a fun and chic theme that made me *want* to be in there to get work done. However, it's a fine line to walk between making the space gorgeous visually but still functional as an office space that doesn't distract TOO much. My solution? A Black and White themed room! Chic, stylish and amazingly inviting in my opinion. And more importantly, affordable! I decorated the walls in *mostly* Etsy artwork, I'd say a solid 2/3 of the artwork I purchased on Etsy , some of it I made myself, and a couple things I got for a steal of a price for a couple different stores like Target and Marshall's ( THE BEST places for chic updated decor on a budget! I'm always buying nice black wall frames with mats from A.C. Moore when they're on sale, they look so chic! Anywhoo, enough chatter, I might as well just show it off! I don't think the space will EVER be finished, I plan to add more and more black and white artwork as I stumble upon it, and of course, still have to get up my fabulous window treatments as well! I will link to the Etsy artists who adorn my walls as well...

Seedling Accent Pillow: Miso Decor

Two Silhouette Prints: Vol. 25

Elliot Smith & Andy Warhol Prints: Lake Illustration

Typewriter Print: Lou & Lee


Jeanne Selep said...

Beautiful room! You have many talents!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! You should offer interior design to other people as well. Very balanced and I would not have thought of this myself.