Friday, August 5, 2011


Man, I need to start blogging and stop neglecting my 359 followers! So today, I shall begin again.

Naturally, my first post in weeks, months, years would need to be pointless, as staying with my general blog style. So, here's a picture of a baby spider takeover on my porch. I snapped this shot with a macro lens, which means I was way too close to these little dudes for comfort!

Stay tuned because I made Mushroom Risotto, and I'm gonna share the deliciousness with you all! SOON!


Samantha said...

I wasn't a follower technically before, but I am now. You know I'm always around :) The spider thing reminds me of our first Christmas tree. I'm sure you can imagine.

Pattie said...

That is so **runs away** ....okay I've got the raid!!!!!

Amy said...

still waiting for the mushroom risotto recipe!

Angie said...

please come back to the blog world - I've missed readying your posts :)